Industry 4.0

“Industry 4.0”, which defines its vision as a mental transformation, focuses on how a business will design and implement digital transformation under Industry 4.0 conditions. It answers the following questions with the aim of guiding how to prepare and implement strategies, policies, roadmaps and plans on this subject:

1. What are new and evolving technologies?

2. What is digital work and digital work?

3. How will transformation take place in the digital workplace?

4. What is workplace innovation and how will it be achieved?

5. Which dental skills will be learned and how?

6. How will digital culture and leadership be changed in business?

7. How will the transformation strategy and plan be prepared?

8. What is the technological platform in digital business, how is it set up?

9.How to establish digital maturity?

10. How will the business model be transformed?

11. How will digital transformation and Industry 4.0 be articulated?

12. How will SMEs be affected by digital transformation and Industry 4.0?

13. How will digital transformation monetization be achieved?

What is Automation, What Does It Do? Where Is Automation Used?

Automation systems, which provide a very strong development opportunity in industrialization, have given the opportunity to reach a much more important point in commercial activities. Of course, many people are wondering what exactly an automation system is. Well, what is automation, what does it do? Where is automation used? Here is information on this topic.

Automation can be called the system that gathers and controls the works performed by machinery and human power under a single roof. The system, which provides a more efficient and economical provider, provides a global opportunity in production. Therefore, it can also mean the most important technological structure in terms of industrialization in many different sectors.

What is Automation, What Does It Do?

Many people wonder what the word automation, which has been heard a lot lately, means. The origin of the word automation, which entered our language from English, is French. Its meaning is known as self-propelled. The automation system, which has been included in human life especially with the industrial revolution, allows the cooperation of machinery and human beings to be gathered under a single roof.

It provides the opportunity to share with people and machines in terms of workforce in many different businesses. Most importantly, his contributions to industrial activities and the scientific world are undeniable today. Thus, many different operations can be easily performed without human intervention.

This system is used over 2 different options as semi and full automation. If there is manpower in the business, if the automation works completely with the machine, it is called full automation. Automation systems are indispensable in order to survive in all competitive conditions and to provide fast and efficient production.

Automation is a structure that enables machines and humans to work together. Most importantly, it can be said as a common programming that allows all different machines to work simultaneously. Thus, it enables the production and service to be carried out strongly on behalf of many sectors such as industrial areas, factories, different workplaces. In addition, it provides the potential to completely destroy the margins of error that will occur over people.

Where Is Automation Used?

It is possible to talk about many different devices in automation. It provides effective solution methods for detailed measurement, efficiency and saving time and energy. Automation system is used in many fields today.

- In the manufacturing sector,
- In the car industry with transportation operations,
- In all different white goods,
- In the production of electronic devices,
- On mobile phones,
- In scientific studies,
- For weather forecasts,
- Elevator systems,
- In electrical services,
- In processes such as photo and video recording,

Today, automation systems have become indispensable for life in many such different fields.

TSE ISO certified electrostatic powder painted panels are preferred in Electric Power and Control panels. In addition, our preferred equipment brands are:
Beckhoff, Siemens, Schneider Electric and Delta for PLC automation software

· As HMI panel for Scada, Beckhoff, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Delta and Beijer

ABB, Schneider Electric, Control Techniques and Danfoss for Drivers and Soft Starters

Siemens and Schneider Electric for Fuse, Button, Motor Protection Switch, Thermal Relay and Contactor

· Phoenix Contact, Wago and Omron for Relay and Terminal Block

· Schneider Electric, Omron and Pepperl Fuchs for Sensor and Switch

· Enda, Emko and Autonics for temperature control

· Autonics for encoder

· Sick and Heidenhain for linear ruler

· Puls Electronic, Bilkon and Tuna for weighing indicator

· We prefer Puls Electronic, Zemic, Tuna and Esit brands for Load-Cell.

About Our Software

The computer program that provides the control of automation is completely designed by our software company in the C Sharp environment. Data storage and reporting are done with Oracle, SQLite and SQL database. In addition, according to your request, you can control your automation from the HMI panel or tablet.

Integration with Netsis, Logo, Micro accounting programs is done optionally in all our automation systems.

You can monitor your system with remote monitoring from anywhere you want.

You can track your vehicles with the vehicle tracking system.